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Honeybrook Mine Reclamation - Phases 1 and 2

McAdoo, PA

Scope of Work:

Phases 1 and 2: Area A will require initial grading work to re-shape the eastern “silt” pile to lower slopes and shape drainage run-off to from west to east.  Area A will also require an additional “fill” material from the “Barrow Area” to the east of Area A to cap the silt pile area material and fill the depression area in the east.  approximately 37K CY’s of dozer push of 400 ft. and less.  The back western slope will be graded to a 5:1 ratio or greater.  The easterly slope will develop 17:1 ratio and greater to tie into existing grades to the east and south.  Area “A” covers approximately 25 acres in area, with the centroid location at approximately N: 580,384, E: 2,451,728 (PA 28 south coordinate plane).

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