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Latona Trucking, Inc.

"Our mission is to provide the best-end product civil construction and specialty hauling has to offer. We pride ourselves on safety and will be sure to leave our customers' with the same quality production, professionalism, and inspiration that our company's foundation was built upon."

Since 1987, Latona Trucking, Inc. d/b/a Latona Trucking & Excavating was formed as a Sub-Chapter S Corporation in 1987 to serve as the legal entity for the various business segments conducted by the company since the late 1950’s.


These businesses include:  site excavation and infrastructure projects, trenching and pipe laying, trucking of material, heavy equipment moves and mobilization, commercial landscaping and grounds keeping, and commercial snow removal. 


Latona Trucking, Inc. is owned by the two sons of founding principals Leo and Gertrude Latona.  What follows is a short historical overview of how the businesses began and developed over the years.​

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From the Ground Up, The Family Atmosphere

Latona Trucking, Inc. had its genesis in the trucking of material for road projects, namely the construction of Route 81 in Pennsylvania and New York State. Leo Latona purchased his first dump truck in 1959 and began hauling material as a sole proprietor.  Subsequently, he worked briefly for his father-in-law and the anthracite coal mining business.  In the early 1960’s, he determined that expanding into the trucking business would serve as a more lucrative opportunity for his family.


In the early 1960’s, Leo Latona borrowed $10,000 and pooled resources with one of his cousins in order to launch a trucking business.  The newly formed business interest acquired a fleet of five dump trucks designed to move material in the heavy and highway construction business. Ultimately the two dissolved their partnership.  During the early lean years of the company’s existence, Leo Latona also took on small residential site work projects. 

Leo’s sons Charles and Joe were introduced into the business operations as laborers and operators in the 1970’s, and his wife Gertrude managed billing and accounting functions for the company while at the same time working in jobs outside of the business in order to provide additional financial support. Leo Latona continued to aggressively expand his trucking segment and began acquiring machinery to focus on residential and commercial foundations and site work.


Later, in an effort to vertically integrate, the company acquired low-boys in order to mobilize and demobilize their fleet of equipment used on projects and also began to haul equipment for third parties which generated another revenue stream. For many years, Latona Trucking & Excavating has been known in the marketplace as a quality operator in the excavation, site work, and equipment mobilization and material trucking segments.

The company is engaged in both private and governmental projects including significant project activity with PennDOT. The company is currently pre-qualified for in excess of $41 million in PennDOT project work.

Still today, Gertrude as President and sons Joseph and Charles serve as Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer respectively.  Grandchildren of the founders serve in various roles in the company as well.  Leo and Gertrude’s remarkable vision resulted in the organic growth of a diversified group of businesses ventures that have flourished for several decades.

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Heavy/Specialty Hauling

Commercial and Residential General Contracting

Commercial and Residential Demolition

Installation including Water, Storm-water, Sanitary, and Utilities

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Drilling and Blasting

Concrete Flat-work and Paving Operations

Land Restoration

Drone Survey

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620 S Main St, Pittston, PA 18640, USA

Equal Opportunity Employer

Office: (570) 883-7300

Fax: (570) 654-3531

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